Certified Personal Chef

Once you are established as a Personal Chef and a member of the USPCA, you should begin the journey to become a Certified Personal Chef®.

In 1996, the United States Personal Chef Association created a certification program with a three-fold purpose:

  • To provide a standard by which the public could assess a Personal Chef’s competency.
  • To establish standards by which the Personal Chef industry could become self-regulated.
  • To provide the Personal Chef with industry recognition of their professional commitment.

The federally registered trademark, Certified Personal Chef® (CPC), is an industry endorsement of professional expertise. The Certified Personal Chef® (CPC) designation assures customers of the chef’s commitment to excellence. The United States Personal Chef Association establishes the certification program requirements, standards, and procedures. It may change without notice to reflect, support, and enhance the growth of the Personal Chef profession.

A Certified Personal Chef is a chef with a minimum of two (2) full years experience as a Personal Chef who is engaged in the purchasing, preparing, cooking, and serving foods on a “cook-for-hire” basis; is responsible for menu planning and development, marketing, financial management, and operational decisions of a private business; provides services to a variety of clients; possesses a thorough knowledge of food safety, sanitation, and nutrition; and can demonstrate measurable expertise in defined areas of work experience, education, business and culinary group activities and participation along with personal awards and media exposure.

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