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The USPCA proudly offers five membership options: Premier, Provisional, Preparatory, Corporate, and Student. Descriptions are below.

U.S. Military Veterans receive membership discounts.  

USPCA Membership Pay in full

USPCA Membership Payment Plan

Payment plans are available for all levels of Membership except students. Payment plans are two or three equal consecutive monthly payments. Membership is activated with the first payment.  Schedule an appointment with Angela to set up a payment plan and get a link to the payment plan application by clicking here.

Premier Membership in USPCA provides all member benefits and is available to any Personal Chef operating an established Personal Chef business. To be considered for USPCA Membership, individuals must provide documentation supporting the operation of either a full-time or part-time Personal Chef Service. Because liability insurance coverage is included in your Premier and Provisional Memberships, USPCA requires certain business licenses, activities, training, and certification documentation. The cost is $400 for the first year, with a renewal cost of just $325 each additional year. 

To apply for Premier Membership, be sure you have the following items scanned and ready for attachment (if you cannot submit the following documentation with the application, please indicate the date you will provide documentation; you have 30 days from the date of application for submission of all required documentation:

• A brochure, promotional announcement, or business card you use in advertising your Personal Chef Service
• A copy of your business license, DBA, or other government-approved documentation
• A copy of your food safety training or certification certificate
• A copy of your business card or marketing piece

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Provisional Membership is designed for Personal Chefs just establishing their Personal Chef business. Membership includes all of the benefits and privileges of the Premier Membership. During the first year of Membership, USPCA will offer additional support and guidance as the member establishes proof of their business establishment, including the documentation listed above for Premier Membership. To join as a Provisional Member, you must have a minimum of a Certified Food Handler Certificate. If you do not have one, you may enter and obtain one through USPCA's program within the first month of Membership. Provisional Membership lasts one year and costs $400. The renewal includes meeting the requirements of Premier Membership and is $325 each year after that. If you do not meet the requirements of Premier Membership, you may renew for another year of Provisional Membership for $400. 

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Preparatory Membership in USPCA offers comprehensive extra benefits for those looking to start a Personal Chef business. From self-guided training to personal coaching, Preparatory Membership guides for chefs to work and learn. The cost is $595 (payment plans are available), and members will automatically transfer to Premier Membership or Provisional Membership upon successful completion of the series of programs, adding access to the association's liability insurance and listing in addition to all other benefits of Membership.

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Student Membership has access to all of the benefits of Premier Members (except liability insurance and a HireAChef listing) and, of greatest importance, access to the nation's top Personal Chefs. To be considered for the USPCA Student membership, you must provide proof of enrollment in an approved culinary program. Student memberships are limited to a term no longer than four years. The cost is $90 per year.

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USPCA thoroughly vets applicants to maintain the organization's integrity and ensure the public of the quality of the chefs working in their homes.